Sahara Sand

We make earth move


About Us

Sahara Sand was established in 1980 and, as a family-owned company of more than 34 years, Sahara Sand has grown steadily, acquiring a wealth of experience in our work of contracts that have been undertaken.

Sahara Sand has built up a wide client base. Clients are drawn from a diverse range of market sectors and have been awarded a variety of contracts in the commercial and mining sectors such as:


·         SASOL                                                                                                            ·         Eskom

·         SA Coal

·         New Denmark Colliery (Anglo coal)

·         Gert Sebande District Manicipality

·         Govan Mbeki Municipality

·         Group Five Civil

·         Early Bird Farms

·         Department of Agriculture

·         Fraser Alexander

·         EXXARO

·         Ruwacon

·         Medows

·         Noble

·         Department of Water Affairs

·         Delmas Race Track